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The Eastern Cape

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The Eastern Cape is at the centre of a region that is rapidly taking its place as a major export-driven manufacturing zone, international transport hub, vibrant coastal and inland tourism destination, and premier citrus, wool and mohair producing region.

The Eastern Cape region has a special relationship with South Africaís most famous citizen; Nelson Rholihlahla Mandela.  The province was his birthplace and it also contains the only geographical area in the world to be offically named after South Africa's first democratically elected President.  Nelson Mandela praised the people of the province for their role in resisting apartheid repression and pioneering democratic local government in the new era of freedom. 

The Eastern Cape and the magnificent south eastern seaboard and interior of the region offer a portfolio of eco-tourism experiences that is one of the most appealing and diverse in the world. The mega development initiatives such as the Coega deepwater harbour and East London Industrial Development Zones are adding substantial weight and scope to the regionís multi-faceted industrial base, enhancing its strategic importance as an international trade and transport hub. 

Now is the time to take advantage of the investment options highlighted in this website as well as other attractive opportunities to invest in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.